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Amazing at best

Rob captures Baltimore for you in every interview … He is the unofficial face of B More . -JR from WV Uncommonplace

Myles’ Review!

Rob asks great questions that really made me think, and he made the interview more like a conversation than an interview. Had tons of fun, and anyone doing anything positive in Baltimore should defiantly go on his show!

Great Baltimore Podcast

If you’re looking to learn more about Baltimore, this is the podcast for you! Rob is excellent at identifying creative minds throughout the city and allowing them to highlight their creativity.

Easy to listen to

Just got put on to the podcast today and I’m already on the 5th episode. I love how Rob’s giving people that you wouldn’t hear from a HUGE Voice.

Podcast to listen to

Rob interview style will grab your attention and get you excited about Baltimore City! Simply put Robs Podcast is the next best thing!!! Definitely give it a listen!!

Review for MTR Podcast.

Amazing podcast!! Very enjoyable & entertaining. I recommend it to anyone who loves listening to good conversation.

Excellent podcast

Excellent podcast highlighting a diverse group of interesting artists, community builders, and entrepreneurs. Bravo!

What more could you want?

Fire fire fire show. Real people and real conversation. A breath of fresh air in this sometimes synthetic world.

Mastermind Robcast

Rob and Torrin have awesome chemistry. Laughed pretty much through the whole podcast! I’d highly recommend giving the podcast a listen. Just put it on while doing chores or errand running. You will not be disappointed, trust me. Antonio B

Great listen

Really enjoy this podcast, the guests are always interesting and I love having the chance (as a non “creative” type) to learn about so many artists and makers in Baltimore. Plus, you hear from real Baltimoreans about Baltimore, which is the best.


This podcast/ro cast is the best one out there I’ll save you the time!


There are millions of podcasts out there, but this one is really worth listening to!

One of the best Baltimore Podcasts Recording.

Such incredible content, in such dark times. I couldn’t be more proud to be from Baltimore listening to these stories, and hearing the greatness that is happening.

If you want to know BALTIMORE, press play.

Great project! A series of good conversations about art scene in Baltimore from multiple creators. Rob Lee and Dann D are solid hosts as you will see!

Raw & Entertaining

Funny, informative, raw and entertaining. I definitely enjoyed the variety of content and interviews; especially enjoyed Kinky Slippers. Keep up the great work. AJ, The Pum Pum Chronicles Podcast

Bmore and Beyond

These local guys talk about the best and most interesting things in Baltimore, and they also have fresh and often hilarious takes on pop culture and society at large. Definitely add this to your must-listens! A great variety of topics and guests, and always a great time!

Baltimore’s best!

Rob and Dann continue to give that great content that you might not typically be checking for lol. The perfect balance between the two host is what makes you appreciate the work done by these two ! Keep putting on for Baltimore!

Keeps Getting Better

Rob Lee and Dann D. are nonstop comedy. They’re constantly pushing the envelope, and keep me engaged. Love these guys! -andy 90’s Galore

Dope Pod!

Great Sound Quality ... Even Better Hosts and Content Subscribe Now!!!

Add to your rotation !!!

These dudes should have a TV show!! funny as hell love the pod so glad I added it to the rotation. Don’t stop what you are doing !!! Ghost

Chill with your Nerdy-Ass Boys

This Podcast is like going to your boys’ house and throwing stories and challenges at each other. Heavy Nerd and Pop Culture Vibes...Must Listen!


This is a dope podcast and the host are crazy funny. Always my go to podcast when I want to get some good laughs especially dealing with pop culture! 5 Star podcast for sure!!! ~W


They are so very EXCELLENT!!! They do not disappoint!!! ❤️😍❤️


You ever laugh so hard that your sides hurt???? BE PREPARED! I def. appreciate the approach and have listened to the show multiple times while driving on the road! Def. A great listen!

Tray and ATL

Just subscribed and these guys are hilarious. Make sure to subscribe and listen, you’ll love it.

Great podcast

Amazing dude was happy to have him on my podcast plus he got the same name as me

Great podcast

This podcast is awesome! The hosts are funny and always have great takes on pop culture. You gotta subscribe to this podcast!

Ooch from The Lunchbox Chronicles

What can I tell you. This show is probably one of my favorite podcast out right now. A mixture of random facts and weirdness like “punching yourself in the gooch”. Keep up the work fellas!!

The Brochillians Podcast

Hilarious podcast, great content

New fav!

Always looking for new podcasts to add to the list and hearing these hosts talk and interview and joke and laugh makes my day- even during this depressing quarantine. Def something you should consider adding to your commute - IGP

Great Cast!

Funny and entertaining. Great back and forth between cohosts. Super easy to binge. Worth a listen!! The ODDentity Podcast

Hilarious Podcast

This podcast is hilarious, the host are funny, interesting, and talk about just about everything. You will learn something interesting that you probably didn’t really need to know in every episode. This is a great podcast to chill out, laugh, and just enjoy some not so serious stuff. Love it! -Bringthemio Podcast


This podcast was very entertaining!!


Loved this podcast! Super amazing, need this for laughter. Thank you.

A great show higlighting weird news, and pop-culture

Hell the love-hate relationship with Florida is worth the download alone. Great listen during these times. Laughter is well needed right now.


Funny podcast

These guys kill it

Corona has overtaken the land (I’m sure this comment will outdate itself) and we’re in need of some distraction. Then come along the MTR guys to offer a little social medicine in a time of social distancing. If you’re in need of something other than negative news, plug in your headphones, grab a drink & be ready to spit it everywhere.


Funny and entertaining. Had me laughing out loud on my drive to work!


This podcast is a must listen! Upbeat, entertaining and funny! Highly recommend it! -Twogirls

X-men references only geeks understand.

Honestly, it is a great show. Two people breaking down everything to the point of enjoyment.

Love IT!!

This Podcast is fun, different, entertaining, and informative! Add this to your rotation!!!

Funny stuff

This show is a favorite for me. Glad it’s on Apple now. Rob and Dan are pretty funny and the they keep it coming. Worth the listen for sure

Doc-E from Drug-E Nation Podcast

If you’re looking for a place to hear some hilarity about the world around you this is the podcast to listen to. Check them out for all things pop culture, keep doing ya thing fellas!

Fire Podcast

Rob and Dann continue to deliver the finest podcasts around! I’ve been listening since 2009 and the show has continued to make me laugh. Bravo!

Learn and laugh - Awesome podcast!!

This podcast creates an energy that really helps learning and retaining relevant storylines through laughter. Dan and Rob are not brothers but they come from the same sack. So scratch dem balls and feel ya flavor!

Fun podcast!

Rob and Dan a lot of fun to listen to! We all know that host rapport is more important than content and they have that part locked down! It’s just a bonus that they talk about cool stuff too. Check them out! -Corey from Podcasting After Dark