July 6, 2021

Emma's Tea Spot

Emma's Tea Spot

This week's guest is Emma Canoles - owner of Emma's Tea Spot, a local Tea Shop, no frills but a ton of charm serving soup, salads and sandwiches and a full tea menu, using local and seasonal ingredients. A proper British Experience.

A master gardener, reiki practitioner,  executive chef, and activist, Emma Canoles has harbored a lifelong dream  of connecting people to nature through  food and tea. Her shop is bursting with  community events like classes, movie  nights, and children’s activities.  

The menu of soups, salads, sandwiches,  and yes, tea, is made from scratch using  local and seasonal ingredients. After just  one year, Emma’s Tea Spot was voted  Best of Baltimore, and is looking for a  larger venue to host special events like  wedding and baby showers. 

Here at Emma's Tea Spot, we believe that we can make our community stronger by reconnecting people to their environment and their neighbors — by providing a venue that is committed to using authentic British products, local vendors and farms and seasonal or organic produce.

We provide classes and events to showcase our mission and show people how to live sustainably and conscientiously while maintaining clean living practices. We use seasonal ingredients and homesteading practices to keep down costs and increase wellness.

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