Aug. 4, 2020

Resident Evil 3 - Review

Resident Evil 3 - Review

Resident Evil is a storied franchise with a long list of accomplishments and very little bad publicity. With the success of last year’s remake of Resident Evil 2, it was a natural and slightly expected move for Capcom to remake another epic entry in the Resident Evil series. While the remake of Resident Evil 3 is amazing in scope, it suffers from things on the micro level that many might not notice if you are unfamiliar with the series history of controls.

The Pros

The first thing you notice is the massive upgrade to the graphics. Each scene plays out like an animated movie made by the best Anime studio. It’s simply beyond gorgeous. Jill takes her knocks from chapter 1 all the way to the ending credits. Honestly, Capcom could add in some extra scenes and sell this as an animated movie if they wanted to.

Fresh takes make the story feel vibrant. It’s been forever since I played the original on PS1, but what’s new is impressive and plausible. Overall, the story felt a lot shorter but just as frightening with jump scares and a Tyrant that could easily fit into the Stranger Things universe as he evolves from unstoppable killing machine into a visceral monster. It took less than 6 hours for me to complete the campaign, something I’ve never done with a Resident Evil game before.

The Cons

I'm sure I sound crazy for saying this, but the zombies are too quiet. There are noise cues to let you know when a zombie is near, but virtually zero sound comes from behind as you stand still mowing down what’s in front of you. The lack of sound effects led me to die several times over from simple zombies alone.

The dodge system is spotty at best. Timing to get a “perfect” dodge feels near impossible as you dip and dive around various enemies. While it’s possible to escape a lurching zombie, multiple times the dodge led me into the waiting arms of a random by-standard. 

Final Judgement

While the story is fresh and entertaining in every way, the random annoyances of this game made it a bear to put up with. Ultimately, I’m glad I played through to the end, but it will be a while before I go back for a second play-trough, equipped with infinite ammo and all the perks that come along with replaying a Resident Evil game.

Tips and Notes


- Naked zombies are impossible unless you have the magnum, try your best to avoid them.

- Acid grenades work best on Hunters, fire grenades work best on the Nemesis

- If normal difficulty becomes too jarring, there’s no shame in dumbing down the level. Even on easy-mode, the game is still challenging.

-Dann D.