March 26, 2021

BG Purcell of Mouth Party Caramel

BG Purcell of Mouth Party Caramel

Welcome To Getting To The Truth In This Art. This episode I have the pleasure of speaking with BG Purcell founder/captain of Mouth Party Caramel.

Mouth Party Caramel is a local confectioner that manufactures handmade, gourmet soft caramels that we bel

The original caramel is derived from Jane Drake Cummings’ four-generation-old family recipe. Jane first shared her family secret with me when I was 12…let’s just say that I have been making these caramels for a LONG time!

Mouth Party, LLC. started on a whim in 2007. Jane had become ill with Lymphoma for a second time which sparked a conversation about selling her delectable caramels with the hope that a percentage of the profits could go directly to the fight against cancer.

The first retail outlet to carry the caramels was the Johns Hopkins Hospital gift shop and Juice and Java coffee bar. Jane received treatment for her Lymphoma at Johns Hopkins and is committed to and very involved with the Johns Hopkins Hospital Women’s Board so it was the perfect place to begin.

The very first caramel batches were cooked in my home. It didn’t take long to see that this arrangement would not work with kids and dog underfoot. We found a commercial kitchen space we manufactured for nearly three years but outgrew that quickly & in March of 2013 we relocated to Meadow Mill in the Hampden neighborhood.

Mouth Party is founded on the commitment to help advance cancer research ‘one sweet bite at a time’. It is Jane’s fight and that of my remarkable sister Lee Rhodes, a 3-time lung cancer survivor, which has fueled our desire to donate a percentage of our company net profits to cancer research and efforts that heighten public awareness of cancer associated problems.

Today Mouth Party Caramels are sold in retail locations throughout the US. We've also created a thriving partnership with many boutique hotels, spas and B&B's who use the caramels in their turn-down services. A wonderful treat for their guests. In addition, corporate & event planners count on us for helping create memorable experiences.

Mouth Party is dedicated to giving back to our local, national, and global community and we strive to live up to the expectations we have set for ourselves.

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